Thursday, February 13, 2003

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

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Shades of blue - they are the colours of today...for me. What colour was your day? Passionately red, cheerfully orange, restlessly green?
My day started with a clear and bright blue...early in the morning with no bad feelings. As the day grew bighter, though, my blue began to darken slightly...not too dark, just not as dazzling as before. I did not even realize how near I was to a suffocatingly dark shade of blue, till suddenly, miraculously, the dark curtain gave way to a beautifully fresh and brilliant blue!!! Its true, appearances can be really deceptive... what I thought would add a tinge of dark blue to my day, ended up welcoming the most magnificent blue of the day! That shade is still lighting up my day, and it was strong enough to wash out the disappointing change of a "soon-to-be" passionate red into a mocking shade of yellow.
(Is that a "whoa vatisthis?" I hear? Well, in layman's terms, I went to college early, had Electronics Practicals and Theory, and had a Maths test... after which we went to the Basketball court, and had a real REFRESHING time, and after an hour or so, came home(its just 1:10 PM now!!) and about the "red"...keep guessing!! Okok I vos jes kiddin... but I guessed that would make the "colour" essay more interesting!!!)